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Journeys art show

Westside ArtShare group exhibition, Hillsboro Brookwood Library, May-June 2018

Ten members of Westside ArtShare hung art at the Hillsboro Brookwood library gallery. Each explored the theme of “journeys” in a different way. I focused on the idea of personal, emotional journeys and used torn journal pages and lots of texture to create two 36 x 36″ pieces.

With my painting, “Introspect,” at the Journeys show, Hillsboro Brookwood Library, June 2018

The show is on view until June 30.

It’s that time of year again…

…and I’m gearing up for the 3rd Annual Affordable Art for Everyone. We have a full show this year and I’m excited to see all of the art and artists under one roof.

I’m also getting my own work ready and making sure I’ll have everything I need for my booth. In addition to paintings, I’ll be bringing some new stitched ornaments and some older ornaments and cat toys that I used to sell on Etsy.

Less than 5 days away!!


Black + White + One

I have a show coming up with my Westside ArtShare group in April. We decided to challenge ourselves by limiting our palettes to shades of black, white, and one other color. It’s been amazing to see how differently each artist approaches this, and how different the results are! You can see all of the work at the brand new Insomnia Coffee location in downtown Hillsboro, starting on April 1.

If you’re local, stop by and see us at the reception on the evening of April 4! It will be part of the Hillsboro Art Walk.

“Going on Record” show is up!


This morning, bright dark and early, several members of Westside ArtShare hung almost 50 pieces of art at Insomnia Coffee Co. (5389 W Baseline Rd, Hillsboro, Oregon 97123). All of the art is created on old vinyl LPs. It was so much fun to see what people did with them, and the variety of styles. Each piece will sell for $85.

Right after we put the show up, one of my paintings sold! That’s an exciting way to start off.

Come and see the artists and the art at our reception on Tuesday, October 4 from 6:30 to 8.


Are you coming to the show on Saturday?

Affordable Art collage

This collage shows only a tiny fraction of the wonderful art that will be available at Affordable Art for Everyone this Saturday, September 24, at the Washington County Fair Complex.

I’m honored to be working with these artists and to see the amazing reaction to the show–and it hasn’t even happened yet! I’m so excited I’ve been losing sleep, but it’s only two days away now. Hope to see you there!


Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Art Show

When I was a kid I read every fairy tale book at our small-town library, so it’s exciting to be accepted into this show. The library was in a historic building in the Sonoma plaza and I still remember being 8 years old, going downstairs to the kids’ room, smelling the deliciously musty scent of old books, and hearing the cellophane covers crinkle as I opened them. The stories inside made a big impression on my young imagination.

Portland artist Kelly Williams came up with this evocative theme and is curating. She’s chosen a great group of artists and I can’t wait to see how everyone interprets the various stories. I think I’ll keep my painting under wraps until the opening. The show is at the Portland’5 Center for the Arts. It opens with a reception the evening of April 7 and runs through the end of May. Definitely worth checking out!

Affordable Art for Everyone

Affordable Art logo

It feels like I’ve been waiting for ages to open the applications for this year’s Affordable Art show, but today’s the day! All the ducks are in a row and the application info is polished up. I’m thrilled that people had already started to apply by noon today! As artists start submitting images, I can imagine the event taking shape. It’s gonna be a good one!

Snow Days

Nandina berries encased in ice. Photo by Lisa Griffen.

Nandina berries encased in ice. Photo by Lisa Griffen.

Family visitors have left after the holidays and today was going to be my first day of getting back to my routine, but nature had other plans. We had snow yesterday. It was beautiful when it was falling and I love the way it transforms the landscape. It was also quite an adventure driving over to Village Gallery to hang the January show. As often happens in this area, the snow quickly turned to ice and today the entire area was shut down as it was too dangerous to drive. That meant a free day for my family and a postponement of my plans, but I don’t even mind.

Studio Icicles

The ice is bad for driving but possibly even more magical than the snow.

Buds are just starting on the lilac bush but they're currently encased in ice. Photo by Lisa Griffen.

Buds are just starting on the lilac bush but they’re currently encased in ice. Photo by Lisa Griffen.

Solo show at New Seasons

Wishbone. Original mixed media outsider art painting on 16x20" canvas. $200.

Wishbone. Original mixed media outsider art painting on 16×20″ canvas. $200.

I’ve had a bad cold since returning from vacation, but made it out of bed this morning to hang my solo show at the Cedar Hills New Seasons cafe with lots of help from my sweet husband. Wishbone and 12 other animal-themed paintings will be there until the end of September.

You know it’s hot in the studio when…

Paint bottles

…the heat is making the paint bottles pop open! The Portland area is having a heat wave like nothing I can remember in my 24 years here. I don’t have air conditioning in the studio, so paint is drying too fast even in the late morning. Paintings are coming along very slowly and I’m keeping busy with other projects for now.